Private Equity Deal Origination

CAPTARGET helps middle market focused Private Equity groups source new opportunities on a fee for service basis.  We are not a buy-side M&A firm and we do not charge success or finders fees. Think of us as a supplement or replacement to your internal business development effort, sourcing, contacting, vetting and introducing your firm to new opportunities.

Proprietary Deal Origination

CAPTARGET generates quality deal flow directly from business owners for both platform and add-on searches. Our services enable Private Equity groups to supplement or replace the work that is typically handled by an internal business development professional, buy-side or finder firm. By conducting detailed target research and running consistent direct outreach campaigns, we source opportunities not yet seen by your firm. There are no finder or success fees – just new opportunities.

  • Set up

    We set up an alias email account from your firm to keep the communication insulated as to not disrupt your normal inbox. If your work email is, we may set up another similar address like

  • Prospecting

    Each month your analyst helps source well-fitting targets. Our team is well known for having the most accurate contact information in the industry due to our rigorous hand testing process, ensuring that your firm will reach more quality prospects more often.

  • Content Creation

    Letting data drive our content creation process results in higher response rates. Our team develops custom messaging for each client specific to your search mandate.

  • Execution

    We manage all outbound communication and follow-ups. As a one-to-one email sender we are not considered spam and generally produce higher deliverability and response rates than other service providers. Phone follow ups and calling available for an additional cost.

  • Follow up + Tracking

    Your analyst monitors and improves your campaign in real time to ensure no opportunities are missed. With robust analytics and tracking capabilities, we provide visibility throughout the entire process. It is our end goal to set up scheduled calls between you and qualified prospects for you to further vet.

New Targets Identified Per Year
Calls/Meetings Set per year
LOI's issued per year
Transactions closed per year

Non-Proprietary Deal Origination

We manage the outbound email marketing campaigns of Private Equity buyers looking to communicate with a large number of M&A intermediaries on an ongoing basis. Rather than buying and maintaining expensive databases, only to occasionally use them, our team can manage the entire outbound marketing  and relationship building process from start to finish. Using this process to replace the time-consuming individual follow-up or inconsistent execution of internal email campaigns can generate a significant amount of deal flow for a very low cost.

  • Set up

    We set up an alias email account from your firm to keep the communication insulated as to not disrupt your normal inbox. If your work email is, we may set up another similar address like

  • Content Creation

    Unlike messaging to business owners, email marketing to intermediaries should be direct and concise. Our team drafts a number of email versions for use in ongoing follow-up campaigns.

  • Execution

    To ensure you are exposed to as much well-fitting deal flow as possible, we follow up with the entire M&A intermediary universe once per month

  • Noise reduction / opportunity forwarding

    These campaigns generate a lot of responses. It is our job to minimize the noise associated with marketing to ensure you see deals well suited for your firm. When we identify a quality lead, we forward it to you for further vetting.

Intermediary Relationships
New Opportunities Identified Per Year
LOI's issued per year

Subscription Pricing

Non-Proprietary Origination

  • Communicate with 4,500 M&A intermediaries
  • Email campaigns standard
  • Warm call follow up + appointment setting availible

Starting at $1000/mo.

Proprietary Origination

  • Hundreds of new prospects identified per quarter
  • Consistent short and long term follow up
  • Opportunity intel (Background information on converted leads generated to help you prepare for further interaction)
  • Monthly performance reporting
  • Call/Meeting scheduling, CRM integration availible

Starting at $2500/mo.


Are these emails considered SPAM?

No, this is not spam. We do not add people to mailing lists – these are one to one emails. We use your business information and do not misrepresent or use any misleading subject lines or content. Prospects are free to opt out of receiving any future emails at any time.

What do the emails say?

We write all of our outbound email content to order with no two campaigns being exactly the same. However, we like to keep the emails fairly short and direct, usually delivered in plain text form for maximum deliverability. Most emails include a call to action as we work towards setting up appointments with prospects for you.

Can I use the service for multi contacts at my firm?

All prospects are communicated with via one primary contact. If you would like more contacts to be involved in outreach we will need to create an engagement for each party. Contact us to coordinate multi-contact engagements.

What if I have my own target list or preexisting relationships?

We can work with client provided target lists. However, some work may be required to ensure the list is accurate and does not cause issues with high bounce, duplicate entries or unsubscribe rates.  Most often, our clients simply have us carve our a modest number of relationships prior to launching any campaign at scale.

Who sends the emails or makes the follow up calls?

We do, on your behalf. The emails we send look and feel as if they come from you or your firm but are technically originated by our team.  When our analysts are making calls on your behalf we usually simply state that we work for you (as an analyst or team member) and that we are calling to follow up per your request to gather some high level information.

How long does it take to generate a lead?

This depends on the campaign but most targets need to be communicated with 2-4 times before we can really gauge an interest level. Good deal origination for private equity is about consistency so it is important to stay in touch with targets over a longer period of time – this is why we prefer to run campaigns for a minimum of 6 months.

Can I purchase month to month?

Building a opportunity pipeline takes some time.  Because of this we generally want to run campaigns for 6 months uninterrupted to gauge initial success rates.

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