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M&A Research

Our well-tooled U.S. based M&A analysts can replace or supplement an internal M&A analyst team on a full-time or project basis. We support prospecting, valuation, modeling, pitch book writing, industry reporting and custom research projects of all kinds.

Deal Origination

By combining the skills of research analysts and marketing professionals, we identify and approach targets or prospective clients on your behalf. When prospects show interest, we set up the call or meeting and you take it from there.

Business Research

A business research process optimized for departments of all shapes and sizes. We support business owners and operators with dedicated analysts who provide industry research, data entry, and consultation support.

Why work with CAPTARGET?

Deep Experience From A Trusted Team

We are the only M&A research firm run by a domestic team. We have supported hundreds of M&A and Private Equity firms in over 25,000 transactions.

Competitive Pricing Options

Working with CAPTARGET at any level costs significantly less than a similar in-house resource. Our various pricing tiers allow firms of all sizes to run a cost-competitive firm without compromising access or capacity.

No Long-term Commitments

Hiring full-time analysts and purchasing the needed research tools on a fixed-cost basis is unnecessary. CAPTARGET provides M&A analyst support on a month-to-month or project basis. This allows you to run and scale your firm without making long-term investments in support resources.

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