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Experienced, domestic analysts available on a project basis.

Our M&A research support services are designed to be as flexible as our M&A clients need them to be. Project-based options allow users to access research analysts when demand supports the cost.

When using CAPTARGET, firms no longer have to justify the high fixed cost of data access and personnel. Our project-based engagement model allows for access to well-tooled analysts with no restrictions or hourly usage limits– one flat project fee covers it all.

Our analyst staff is comprised of US-based M&A research professionals. Our team understands your needs, thanks to its track record and real-world experience in US-based M&A, supporting thousands of transactions each year.

Full back office capabilities.

CAPTARGET analysts are equipped to support just about any back office need you may have, including: CIM development, prospect projects, financial modeling, general analyst admin work, industry reporting, valuation work and more.  While our most common services are listed below, we have the ability to support custom projects of many types.

In short, any project that you would typically assign to an in-house analyst, we can handle on an on-demand basis.

Prospect Research

Have an analyst build you buy or sell-side prospect lists from scratch to your specific criteria. Get Strategic and Private Equity targets, all with hand tested contact information for maximum accuracy.


Pitchbooks & CIMs

From questionnaire to deliverable, we do it all. We develop pitchbooks and CIM’s for deals of all sizes in PDF, Word and PPT formats. Save weeks of time by using our analyst team to support your next CIM development project.


Deal Marketing

Have your analyst distribute your deal materials (teaser, CIM, NDA, etc.) to your defined buyer list. We handle the set-up, distribution, and reporting. Get intel on engagement by seeing who opens and clicks on the email.


Valuation Data / Reporting

Get industry reports and trading and transactional comps to help you or your client assess the value of a potential transaction. Have our analysts build and maintain comp tables for industries of interest, track trends and more.


Financial Modeling

Custom financial modeling built to your specification. Multi-scenario LBO’s, discounted cash flow, operating models, recasting and more.



General Analyst Support

Our analyst team can support general requests of all kinds. Think of us like an extension of your team – need help with something specific? Just ask!


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The quality, timeliness, professionalism and cost benefit of the services CAPTARGET provides is unmatched.

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