M&A Research and Deal Preparation

On-demand analysts for middle market M&A firms.

Project Support

Need help with an upcoming project? Our analyst team is availible on an ad-hoc basis to help with all your deal prep needs.  We help middle market M&A firms with:

  • CIM Development / Pitchbooks
  • Prospect list development
  • Financial modeling
  • Buy-side target identification
  • Valuation data
  • Industry reporting
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Ongoing Analyst Support

The ups and downs of the deal flow cycle can make hiring a full time analyst team hard to justify.  CAPTARGET staffs a full time, fully domestic M&A analyst team to meet the day to day analyst needs of M&A firms big and small.

A great fit for:

  • Small, busy M&A firms
  • Larger firms that need a mid-term, flexible solution to overflow work
  • Groups who want a turn key solution rather than buying data and doing the work internally
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