M&A Research Support

CAPTARGET staffs a team of US-based M&A research analysts, available on-demand, to support the research and deal preparation needs of M&A firms of all sizes.

Our M&A research support services are designed to be as flexible as our M&A clients need them to be. Short-term subscriptions and project-based options allow users to access research analysts when demand supports the cost. With pricing as low as $500 per project or $2,500 per month, how you choose to integrate our research analysts into your team is up to you.

When using CAPTARGET, firms no longer have to justify the high fixed cost of tools and personnel. All of our subscription levels allow for access to well-tooled analysts with no restriction to project volume or hourly usage – one flat monthly fee covers it all.

Our analyst staff is comprised of U.S. based M&A research professionals. Our team understands your needs, thanks to its track record and real world experience in U.S. based M&A, supporting thousands of transactions each year.

While we have a diverse skill-set, the majority of our requests fall into the following broad deliverable categories:

Prospect Research

Have an analyst build you buy or sell side prospect lists from scratch to your specific criteria. Strategic and Private Equity targets, all with hand tested contact information for maximum accuracy.

Pitchbooks & CIMs

From questionnaire to deliverable, we do it all.  We develop pitchbooks and CIM’s for deals of all sizes in PDF, word and PPT formats.  Save weeks of time letting our analyst team support your next CIM development project.

Industry Reporting

Our analyst team can support both high-level industry analysts and custom deep dives. White label our deliverables, include them in your CIM’s or use them in preparation for a pitch meeting with a new client.

Valuation Data

Trading and transactional comps to help you or your client assess the value of a potential transaction. Have our analysts build and maintain comp tables for industries of interest, track trends and more.

Financial Modeling

Custom financial modeling built to your specification.  Multi-scenario LBO’s, discounted cash flow, operating models, recasting and more.

General Analyst Support

Our analyst team can support general requests of all kinds.  Think of us like an extension of your team – need help with something specific? Just ask!

Analyst Subscription Pricing

Monthly Sr. Analyst Support Plan

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Gain access to an experienced dedicated analyst point of contact equipped with industry leading tools to meet your day to day research requests.  As a people powered service, our model is very flexible – below is an example of the typical scope of our analyst engagements.

  • Industry reporting + operational benchmarks
  • M&A comps
  • Public comps
  • Sell + buy side prospect lists
  • Company profile tearsheets
  • Recasting
  • 200 strategic emails provided
  • 10% Discount on pitchbooks
  • Coverage for up to 3 dealmakers

*Engagements include a dedicated analyst point of contact and no prospect volume limit. Additionally we do not restrict or track request count or billable hours – feel free to use your analyst as you see fit.  For additional cost, add additional coverage like pitchbooks, custom projects, calling support and more to meet your specific scope requirements.

Starting at $2500 per month

Project Based Pricing

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Prospect Research

All the needed data required to take a project to market from a dedicated research analyst on a project basis. Included are:

  • Custom prospect list build
  • Industry reporting
  • Operational benchmarking data
  • Trading and transactional comparable data
  • Includes hand tested email contacts. Limits apply.

Turnaround time is dependent on prospect list scope with most projects completed in 10 business days.



With your project criteria we will create custom pitchbooks up to 40 pages in length.

Typical coverage includes: Executive summary, Strategic considerations, Transactional overview, Company history, Core competencies, Expansion and growth opportunities, Sales and customer information, Products and/or services, Ownership details, Management and employees, Financial information, Operations, Facilities, Industry reporting, Competition, Trade associations and Financial statements.


Valuation Data

Best fit for buyers or sellers looking to quickly assess the value of an M&A opportunity. Included are:

  • Operating benchmarks
  • M&A comparables
  • Publicly traded comparables
  • Industry reporting when available


Deal Distribution

Our team can help communicate your message to prospects via ad hoc email marketing campaigns. We design, set up and manage campaigns start to finish. Let data dictate future calling or follow-up actions. *Does not include prospect information.


Financial Modeling

All financial modeling is built to order. While our capabilities are diverse, we most commonly build:

  • Discounted cash flow models
  • Operating financial and business models
  • Multi-scenario LBO models
  • Financial recasting



What type of deliverables do you most commonly output?

Prospect lists, industry reports, valuation data (comps etc.), financial models and pitchbooks are our most common project types. We output work similar to that of the work you would receive from your in-house analyst.

Can I have a discount?

We do offer discounts for firms that prepay annually.

Are there any long-term contracts?

No, but we offer discounts for clients that do execute long-term service agreements with us. Of course, it is our goal to build long lasting relationships with our clients. We ask for a 60-day service agreement with our clients and after the initial 60 days, you are free to cancel with a 30-day notice at any time.

How hard is it to cancel? Can I come and go as needed?

You can cancel your account by simply notifying your analyst via email. At the point of cancellation, you will be billed your final 30 day service period. Beyond this, you have no obligation.

How do I make a request from my analyst?

Most of our clients either email or call in requests directly to their analyst. Since your analyst is your primary point of contact you are free to communicate with them directly as you please – some clients even text us!

Do you transact?

No. We are not a transactional service provider. We can help clients be more visible online, help source opportunities, help prepare transactions to go to market, but we do not take any upside in transactions.

Do you work for success fees?

No. We are a pay for service provider. That keeps us incentivized to treat each client equally and simplifies our engagement model.

Do you track time or billable hours?

No. Our scope is governed by the tier of subscription you purchase. Within that scope, we are available to you with no limit to time or quantity.

Who are your analysts?

All of our analysts are full-time W-2 employees based in our office in San Diego, CA.

What tools do you use?

Our tooling changes often as the market for data changes. We buy the best tools we can based on our client’s needs and include many of the tools you may have previously used in the past, however since we are not a data provider per se but a provider of analyst labor, you make the request and we have to find an answer.

What is your typical client profile?

We have worked with hundreds of firms from around the globe. However, most of our clients are US-based, middle-market focused M&A and Private Equity firms. Our service is a great fit for small firms who lack the needed internal resources to be competitive, or for larger firms looking to either reduce fixed costs of research in-house or looking to access resources to manage overflow work.

What if my needs change?

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription level with a 30-day notice. This way, if you have a series of complex projects coming up, you can ensure they are taken care of but shed the added cost when the need has been met.

Are there hourly or project use restrictions?

No. As long as you stick within the subscription scope you selected, you can use us as often as you like.

Do you have any specific industry expertise?

Because we work with hundreds of different firms, all with different needs, we have experience in many industries. Generally speaking, we are industry agnostic.

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