About Us

We come from middle market Private Equity M&A.

Our entire team comes from the deal-making space; be it M&A or Private Equity. Thanks to this we know the sourcing, research, and operations process from all sides.

We developed the first research and deal origination solution that is based on the demands defined by deal flow and the volatility that is the norm in the deal space. We found that the fixed cost of M&A research or Private Equity deal origination models were old and broken, so we fixed them! Now, instead of paying for software subscriptions and staffing a team of analysts to prep deals to go to market or finding your next acquisition candidate, you only incur cost when necessary while drastically reducing expenses and maximizing your firm’s capabilities. To learn more about our research tools click here.

While other firms, particularly overseas competitors have come and gone over the years, we remain the first mover in the space, dedicated to setting the standard that others follow.

Unlike many of the data-only service providers serving the M&A and Private Equity markets, we do not sell data subscription licenses. We are also not a buy-side M&A firm.

We are the only provider of domestic turn-key research analysts used to support the M&A research and Private Equity deal origination needs of middle market clients everywhere. Our clients gain access to both data and support staff under one roof, for one price. No one has access to more information or more capacity, plain and simple. Our entire analyst team is based in San Diego, CA and is comprised of full-time W2 employees, which gives us maximum control over our process and your confidentiality.

Enough about us, let’s talk about you.

Whether you are a consultant who operates in the deal space, a mid-sized investment bank, or a Private Equity fund we can improve your process and/or reduce your cost of research and deal origination. The most successful firms have access to the best information and staff. Armed with our flexible research support and deal origination models we empower firms of all sizes to be the best they can be, saving them money while doing it.

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