VCC Partners with Captarget for New Deal Origination Services

February 11, 2018

San Diego-based Visual Communications Company, LLC (VCC) has partnered with Captarget to help source new acquisitions. VCC is a leading supplier of LED components to industries that range from aerospace, to telecom and food service.

Backed by private equity firms Cloudbreak Capital and Wedbush Capital Partners, VCC has completed three acquisitions en route to becoming the world leader in the design and manufacture of ​a broad range of components​ used in human-machine interface systems​. Most recently, the company acquired Display Products, Inc. in July of 2017.

Why Did VCC Choose to Partner with Captarget?

The partnership with Captarget allows VCC to tap into our proprietary database and sourcing services for corporate development teams. This is work that is typically handled by an internal business development professional or M&A firm.

“The value proposition that the group at Captarget offers really spoke to us. We’re aggressively growing, and have a clear idea of what makes a good acquisition target for VCC,” commented Andy Zanelli, President and CEO of VCC. “This service simplifies that origination effort, and extends our reach to a place we simply can’t do internally.”

To learn more about Captarget’s origination services for Corporate Development teams, go here.