What happened to Web?

June 9, 2016

Frequent visitors may have noticed a change to the site – We are no longer offering web development services.   Over the last 18 months we expanded our service offerings with more clients wanting web and digital marketing services, so much so that we have spun off all digital marketing and web services to a new company, Merger Labs.  

Merger Labs is focused on helping M&A and private equity firms generate more visibility online. The team provides the following services:

While Merger Labs focuses on all things digital, we here at CAPTARGET can focus on our core services: M&A research, private equity deal origination and M&A operations consulting. Feel free to check out the Merger Labs site (www.mergerlabs.com) for updates and information on digital marketing in the deal world, and check back soon for the offical roll out of our M&A operations consulting service.