Deal origination announcement

May 10, 2016

For nearly 5 years we have been providing a broad business development service to M&A firms and Private Equity groups alike. Over the years we learned a lot about generating deal flow in the middle market. After generating thousands of opportunities we found that simply put we are much better at private equity focused deal origination than business development for M&A firms. That said we are discontinuing our M&A focused business development service focusing our deal origination efforts exclusively on private equity.

While there are many great online deal marketplaces and opportunity aggregators we have found that most firms still value proprietary deal flow above all else. It is our goal to become the premier fee for service provider of proprietary deal origination to middle market private equity groups. Having worked with hundreds of firms on tens of thousands of transactions and search mandates we feel that our expertise is most valuable serving private equity groups. We will continue to offer M&A research and other services to our great M&A clients, but when it comes to deal origination we simply do it better for private equity.