Why ‘we make M&A better’

May 13, 2015

Over the last few years we have been rapidly evolving. Part of this evolution includes the roll out of new services very frequently. This quickly moved us away from our original identity of on-demand research analysts.

We now sell research, marketing, web development, and business development services along with a few new information products. Because of this we recently revisited our internal brand statement and have adopted the new tag line – We make M&A better.

Here are some of the reasons we make M&A better:

We are less expensive than building out a marketing or research team in-house. Less cost is always better!

We have more data reach and capacity than smaller in-house teams. More reach is better!

We now service nearly all pieces of the deal cycle (sourcing, research, book prep, model building, deal shopping etc.). More comprehensive is better!

Although we do more for M&A groups and PE firms, our mission has become more focused. The M&A industry has historically been a slow moving one.  We hope that by supporting a number of paths to improving the M&A process we can do our part to modernize the industry which we know and rely on. If we can help an M&A or PE firm in improving their operating processes we are doing our part to move the industry forward one client at a time.