A note from CAPTARGET’s CEO.

October 8, 2014

The idea of helping deal professionals be the best they can be is very true to my heart. While our company is evolving, the spirit of CAPTARGET remains the same. Before starting the company, I often thought about the day when a one man shop with the right support could be viewed as competitive as larger regional M&A firms. I wanted the merits of the individual to supersede any other perceptions about the firm or brand. In short, I wanted deals to be won, or closed because the deal maker was the best person for the job. To do this, we had to develop a service platform where we could let dealmakers do what they did best and leave much of the other stuff to us.

Years have gone by and we are getting closer to that day I once thought of. Along the way, a lot has changed in the broader M&A industry.

+ M&A firms are more abundant. Supporting the idea that the growth and recovery in M&A is in full swing.

+ Firm size continues to drop as deal makers rely on outside resources.

+ Firms are turning towards technology solutions rather than their rolodexes to get more precise market feedback.

We appreciate and support firms of all sizes but I personally remain committed to supporting the success of smaller firms – maybe this is because I have often been the underdog, or because I am drawn to scrappy deal makers with an entrepreneurial core.

In the near term we will be rolling out a new updated brand in support of a slew of new services all to do our part to change the industry we grew out of. These changes are consistent with that original vision of making the deal maker great. On behalf of myself and our entire team here we thank you all for the interest and support, it makes the job worth doing!