Dress to Impress

September 12, 2014


As headlines are flooded with the latest billion-dollar acquisition, the middle market has also unfolded with promising industry reports. Baby Boomers are transitioning out of the work force and millennials are in the business of building and selling companies like it’s a commodity. While we try to maintain realistic outlooks, some may say the current M&A environment as something of an investment banking heaven. Now the thing about heaven is that everyone wants a piece of it.

So with the economic temperature just right and valuations at their peak, business brokers are finding more and more…well, business brokers. Entrepreneurs are getting calls with offers and investment bankers are working round the clock to one up their competition.

You might think you’re safe because of that differentiation factor that adds value for your clients. That’s all great of course, but if only you (and your current clients) know that, how can potential clients hear your message with competitors creating so much noise?

We’ll let you in on a little secret: looks matter. That’s right. While hard work and following through are essential for retaining clients, it’s presentation that will get your foot in the door. The internet culture has affected everyone with short attention spans. This translates into the best looking ones getting all the business.

So, how can you make your business better looking?

Give your site a face-lift.

Your company’s website needs to add value for visitors. They should be able to have a clear understanding of your services with clear calls to action.

Stop sending snail mail.

Some businesses are stuck to their old ways, and these are always weeded out. Yes, always. The business cycle is a changing environment and executives should take advantage of the opportunities these changes bring along. Printing, packaging, and shipping should no longer be part of your client acquisition strategy.

Get online.

Communication is now happening virtually, and if you’re not in then you’re invisible. Also, there’s an art to effective communication online, but we’ll leave that for another time.

Don’t let your firm drown in the competition pool. Stay ahead of the game with tactic marketing. As always, we’re here to help.