Case Study on Pitchbooks

July 10, 2014

Doing things simply because “that’s the way they’ve always been done” is an outdated way of doing business. CapTarget’s team of M&A experts look for timesaving solutions that make sense — and make money. Part of our service offerings includes pitchbook development for sell-side clients. Our content specialists challenge the traditionally long and ”fluff” filled pitch books with a modern and concise format that provides buyers the useful information they are looking for with an easy to follow format. We incorporate clean, modern designs while limiting our pitch-books to 45 pages to generate attractive pitch books with a call for action.

CapTarget’s adaptivity to the changing environment of the deal world is precisely what makes our products stand out from the competition. As competition becomes increasingly innovative, our clients lever forward thinking, experienced writers which are supported by our in house expert analysts, tools, and design team.

Cut out the historically complex form in pitch book development and let CapTarget make your next pitch book stand out from the rest with direct and meaningful content.

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