Q2 2014: Record Breaking M&A Activity Since 2007

July 2, 2014

The M&A market closed this second quarter with a record total deal volume and value since the 2007 financial crisis. This promising market has been on the up rise and has finally passed the threshold everyone has been waiting for. Q2 2014 saw major deals well in the billion-dollar range. With these large deals, middle-market activity follows at greater volume. Companies are looking to streamline their business and keep up with fast-paced competition by integrating with an already established contender. Likewise, M&A is an increasingly popular means for small to medium sized businesses to survive.

What this means for middle-market M&A actors is an increase in deals and a need for effective work flow. This critical process is bypassed too often by companies, which eventually are not able to sustain their growing demands. Business leaders who solve this problem before it occurs see the importance in having a team of specialists who focus on maintaining a streamlined back office. Should the company not have the resources for such in-house expenses (and even so) CapTarget is a low-cost solution for M&A actors considering our expertise. Stay ahead of the curve and prepare for the trending increase in M&A activity.