Changes to M&A marketing services

May 6, 2014

We are now focusing our outbound calling and marketing support services to projects that involve 500 or more actions per campaign. This could be a campaign of 100 prospects to be touched 5 times, or 50 prospects to be touched 10 times. The bottom line is that we aim to now only service projects that consist of a total 500 actions or more.  

This volume requirement is still drastically smaller than that of a traditional calling or marketing center. The cost of setting up and managing these smaller campaigns didn’t really make sense for us or our users.  

The reality is that if you need to make 20 phone calls to qualify interest of a sell side M&A transaction, no outside service will be more cost effective than making the calls yourself.  We find that we really shine when we have volume on our side and are able to help users more effectively lever their time by leveraging our capacity and expertise. 

This change supports our goal of only selling CapTarget users what they really need, and also only selling services where we can clearly measure value and cost savings.