2014 M&A Operational Survey Results

January 8, 2014

We recently reached out to the middle market M&A community to learn more about how firms are operating in this ever changing business environment.

We questioned M&A firms regarding staffing and tooling resources to understand trends in hiring and tool usage. Additionally we asked about deal volume to better allow our readers to benchmark their own volume to that of the industry as a whole.

Firms staffing resources are changing rapidly and now are almost evenly split between firms that hiring internal analyst teams, firms that use support services like CapTarget and firms that simply have no access to a research support process.

On the tooling front it is no surprise that the majority of firms stated that they have only a periodic need for research – proving the notion that firms are looking for more flexible solutions to research fulfillment.

Lastly, the recent increase in M&A firm count may be a contributing factor in the low closed deal volume, with 68% of firms closing 0-2 transactions per year.  Take a look at the details below.