CapTarget: Tooled For Success!

November 25, 2013

CapTarget approaches its research services for M&A, private equity and other deal focused firms in two ways: cost reduction and capacity increases.  Most other research resources available are either one or the other – a low cost basic service, or a high cost/high quality data tool.  One saves users money, the other equips the user with the tools needed forsuccess.  CapTarget does both.

Most firms do not need a full-time analyst staff.  As deal flow changes the demand for a research analyst also changes.  By leveraging the support of an on-demand research staff we can greatly reduce the cost of research talent for a deal focused firm. Additionally, by allowing CapTarget to carry the cost of the tools needed to gain access to key middle market intelligence the end user no longer has to commit to long-term data contracts.

What does this mean to a CapTarget user? More data access, with the talented team needed to support projects with out any long term commitments at a savings of more than 70% of the cost of fulfilling research in-house.