Our Marketing Services Are Now Live!

August 16, 2013

When I co-founded CapTarget I dreamt of a day where we could take all the things M&A professionals didn’t want to do or were not that good at and do them better for less money.

As we developed our research services I always felt that we were missing an opportunity.  Every time we send a prospect list or report to a client I wondered if they were properly supported in the next steps of the process.  Additionally too often did we hear bankers lament about deal flow problems only to find out they do not have an active strategy in place to aquire new clients.

The day has finally arrived where we can realize this dream by now offering marketing support for new client acquisition and support for M&A deals being shopped in the market.

Now the smallest shops can complete against larger rivals and the larger groups can significantly reduce the cost of almost all elements of the life cycle of an M&A transaction.  We want to do our part to modernize the M&A industry and this new service addition takes us a step closer to this goal.

We look forward to engaging with all our users on this new deeper level!