Announcing BETA Outbound Marketing Support

June 18, 2013

While we continue to work towards a final marketing solution for our current users we are ready to start early fulfillment for a select few. For as little as $1 per call we can help you qualify leads for sell-side deals, measure interest from buy-side targets, or contact and qualify potential client leads.

Here is how it will work:

We do not charge success fees, meeting set up fees or anything else, we just charge per contact/touch. We have the ability to record our calls, provide sophisticated reporting and auditing to ensure your process is managed properly start to finish.

Unlike other call center based services, we know your space, know how to speak the language of your clients/prospects and exclusively represent users in your space! Like all of our other services, we hope to provide a flexible solution allowing you to no longer have to hire a team and simply rely on us when the need presents itself.

While we work out the kinks with our beta users we will keep you updated on progress, timelines and pricing.