Announcing New Valuation Research Support Services

January 7, 2013

As CapTarget users may have noticed, we have been making a lot of changes recently from implementing new internal tools to improve communication with our clients to a new buy-side service offering for private equity groups and buy side M&A shops.

To add to the list we are now proud to announce that we are now offering research services to valuation firms and other professional groups that rely on valuation metrics. Often times valuation groups, CPA firms and other professional groups are not tooled to easily access comparable information, industry information and other metrics than can be of use when assessing valuation for their own clients.

Much like our other services the magic is in this idea – instead of having clients buy all the tools needed to occasionally run industry reports and find value metrics we buy the tools and so they only pay us when they need access to the information on an Ad Hoc or monthly basis. Now professionals needing value metrics that are more commonly accessed in the investment banking world do not have to buy investment banking tools to gain the insight needed to provide even more comprehensive and accurate information to their clients.

Check out our pricing page for more info.