Announcing New Buy-Side Research For Private Equity

December 13, 2012

We have spent the last few years focused on fulfilling research requests and supporting the back offices M&A firms. We are now proud to announce that in addition to serving the M&A community we are also offering our research services to Private Equity groups as well.

For one low monthly fee and no long term commitments Private Equity groups can now use our expert team of research analysts to source buy side targets. Much like our unlimited research offering for M&A firms there are no volume or interaction restrictions – clients can have as many buy-side target prospect searches done in any given month as they please. All reporting is built by hand to client spec allowing us to compile data that is much more complete and accurate than that of ‘list’ selling services. Use real researchers to compile real research!

Rather than hiring, training and equipping an internal analyst we can plug in to a Private Equity group’s back office and provide all the tools and personel for a fraction of the cost of that in-house hire. To learn more about this new service click here.