CapTarget and DailyDAC are joining forces to bring you better deal flow sharing and access.

April 4, 2012

CapTarget and DailyDAC will launch DailyDAC’s “Mature Deal Database Powered by CapTarget,”? which will focus on EBTIDA-positive companies, on July 15th.

DailyDAC currently offers subscribers its “Opportunistic Deal Database,” which presents opportunities to purchase, invest in, or loan to companies that have urgent capital needs. These include, but are not limited to, companies in bankruptcy and those whose owners must sell for urgent personal reasons.

According to DailyDAC founder Jonathan Friedland, DailyDAC decided to joint venture with industry leader, CapTarget, because he did not want to compete against it:

[blockquote_with_author author=”Jonathan Friedland, Founder, Daily DAC”] CapTarget is the leader in the field of outsourced research for private equity. I assumed it would be a friendly competitor. However, after doing our diligence, I decided there was no way I wanted to compete against it and, so, we figured out a way to join forces. [/blockquote_with_author]

Under the arrangement, CapTarget will cease publishing its “Middle Market Memo”? and instead will populate the Mature Deal database with the same sort of information it previously disseminated through its Middle Market Memo. DailyDAC, for its part, is hiring additional staff to supplement CapTarget’s efforts.

Look for specifics about how to submit deals and how to signup to access our growing deal database as we get closer to our final launch date.

About DailyDAC:

DailyDAC – Deal Acquisition Central ( – searches for investment opportunities for buyers of financially distressed companies, buyers of excess assets, and investors searching for superior returns by investing in or lending to companies that have urgent capital needs.

About CapTarget:

CapTarget ( is a leading provider of outsourced research services to middle market M&A firms and private equity groups. CapTarget supports firms in buy/sell side assignments by identifying targeted buyers/sellers, providing industry reporting and marketing material preparation.