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2SV Capital LLC

2x Consumer Products Growth Partners

3 Rivers Capital, LLC

340 Partners, LLC

354 Partners LLC

4C Capital, LLC

A&M Capital Advisors, LLC

Acacia Partners, LLC

Access Holdings Management Company LLC

Acon Investments, L.L.C.

Acuity Capital Partners, LLC

Adams Financial, LLC

Addison Capital Partners

AEP Capital LLC

Agamya Capital LLC

Agribusiness Management Company, L.L.C.

Aiglon Capital Management LLC

Aldrich Capital Partners

Alignment Artist Capital LLC

All-American Holdings LLC

Altamont Capital Partners

Alterna Capital Partners LLC

AM Fund

Amazon.com Inc., Investment Arm

AMCI Capital L.P.

American Capital Partners Limited, Inc.

American Industrial Acquisition Corporation

American Infrastructure MLP Funds

Ampersand Capital Partners

Amphion Innovations Plc (AIM:AMP)

Anacapa Partners LP

Anchor Capital Partners

Ancor Capital Partners

Annison Capital Partners, LLC

Anthem Energy

AP Capital Partners, L.L.C.

APG Partners

Apollo Global, Inc.

Aquamarine Investment Partners

Araquot Companies LLC

Arbor Private Investment Company

Arborview Capital

Arcade Partners, LLC

Arcady Capital Company

Arctas Capital Group, Investment Arm

Arctic Capital, LLC

Argand Partners, LLC

Argo Infrastructure Partners

Argo Management Partners, LLC

Arias Resource Capital Management LP

Aries Capital Partners

Armory Capital LLC

Arroyo Energy Investment Partners LLC

Arsenal Capital Partners, LP

Ascendant Solutions Inc. (OTCPK:ASDS)

Ashford Capital LLC

Asparron Capital, LLC

Aspect Holdings, LLC, Investment Arm

Astin Partners LP

Astra Capital Management

Atalanta Capital, LLC

Aterian Investment Partners, LLC

Atlantic Merchant Capital Investors

Atomic Capital

Aureus Capital, LLC

Aurora Resurgence Management Partners LLC

Auven Therapeutics Management L.L.L.P

AV Capital Holdings, LLC

Avalon Capital Group, Inc.

AVC Partners

Axel Johnson Inc.

B29 Investments, LP

BackCountry Capital, LLC

Baker Capital

BaseCamp Capital LLC

Battle Investment Group, LLC

Bay Hills Capital Management, LLC

BayBoston Managers LLC

Baymark Partners


Behrman Capital

BelHealth Investment Partners, LLC

Bellwether Financial Group, Inc.

Bennett Capital Partners

Bergen Asset Management, LLC

Bernhard Capital Partners Management LP

Bertram Capital Management LLC

Berwind Corporation

Bespoke Capital Partners, LLC

Beverly Capital LLC

BG Capital Group, Ltd., Investment Arm

Big Game Capital, LLC

Bindley Capital Partners


Birch Equity Partners

Black Canyon Capital LLC

Black Diamond Capital Management, L.L.C.

Black Diamond Capital Partners

Black Knight Partners, LP

Black Lake Capital

Black Oak Capital Partners

BlackRock Kelso Capital Advisors LLC

Blackstreet Capital Management, LLC

Blackthorne Partners LTD.

Blockchain Technologies Corp.

Blue 9 capital

Blue Mountain Capital Group LLC

Bluestar Alliance, LLC

Bluestone Investment Partners

BlueWater Equity Partners, LLC

Blum Capital Partners

Boston Harbor Capital Partners, LLC

Bosworth Capital Partners

Boyne Capital Partners, LLC

Bradford Equities Management, L.L.C.

Brazos Private Equity Partners, LLC

Brener International Group LLC

Brentwood Associates, Inc.

Brera Capital Partners, L.L.C.

Breyer Capital

Bridge Growth Partners, LLC

Bridgestone Capital, LLC

Bridgetown Capital Partners, LLC

Brighton Partners, LLC

BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation, Inc., Endowment Arm

Broad Sky Partners

Broadgate Capital LLC

Broadstream Capital Partners, LLC

Brockway Moran & Partners, Inc.

Brynwood Partners

BS Freeman Capital, LLC

BSI Energy Partners, LLC

Bulger Capital Partners

Burke America

BV Investment Partners

Cagan McAfee Capital Partners, Investment Arm

Calusa Capital Partners LLC

CAM Capital

Camden Partners Holdings, LLC

Campana Capital

Camwood Capital Group

Canaan Resource Partners LP

Canal Pointe Capital LLC


Cannondale Investments

Canum Capital Management, LLC

CapFin Partners, LLC

CapGen Capital Advisors

Capital Acceleration Partners, LLC

Capital Z Investment Partners

CapitalWorks, LLC

Capitol Partners L.L.C.

Caprock Midstream LLC

Capstone Capital Partners LLC

Capstone Partners, LLC

Captona Partners LLC

Captra Capital LLC

Carbide Partners LLC, Investment Arm

Carnelian Energy Capital

Cascade Consolidated Industries, L.L.C.

Casdin Capital, LLC

Case Interactive Media, Inc.

Castle Creek Capital LLC

Catalus Capital Management

Catalyst Acquisition Group, LLC

Catalyst Capital Management, LLC

Catalyst Management

Caymus Equity Partners LLC

CCA Partners, LLC

CCMP Capital Advisors, LP

Centerbridge Partners, L.P.

CenterGate Capital, L.P.

CenterOak Partners LLC

Centerview Capital Technology Management, L.P.

Century Equity Partners

Century Golf Partners Management

Century Park Capital Partners, LLC

Cephas Capital Partners, L.P.

Cerberus Capital Management, L.P.

Cerca Group LLC

Charlesbank Capital Partners, LLC

Chart Capital Partners

Charter Oak Private Equity, L.P.

Charterhouse Equity Partners LLC

Chatham Capital Partners, Inc.

Cheyenne Partners

CHSO Partners, LLC

CIP Capital

Clavis Capital Partners

Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, Inc.

Clear Creek Private Investors

Clearview Capital, LLC

Clearwater Capital Partners, LLC

CLG Energy Finance, LLC

Clover Capital Partners LLC

Clover Creek Partners, LLC

Clover Investment Group LLC

CoBe Capital LLC

Cochener Garvey Capital Partners, Inc.

Coles Bay Capital, LLC

Columbia Investments, Ltd.

Concert Golf Partners, LLC

Conormara Investments, LLC

Consor Capital, LLC

Consortium Finance, LLC

Constitution Capital Partners, LLC

Consumer Growth Partners, LLC

Continental Investors LLC

Continuum Capital Partners

Convergent Capital

Cooper Investment Partners

Copley Equity Partners

Corbel Structured Equity Partners

Cordova, Smart & Williams, LLC

Coridel Capital Partners

Cornerstone Capital Holdings, LLC

Corporate Capital Partners, LLC

Corporate Fuel Partners LP

Corsair Capital LLC

Coughlin Capital, LLC

Coulton Creek Capital

Council Tree Investors, Inc.

CoveView Capital Partners, LLC

Crane Investment Company, Private Equity Group

Crane Street Capital LLC

Crescendo Capital Partners

Crestone Capital Advisors LLC

Crestview Partners, LP

Crossbar Capital Advisors LLC

Crosswind Capital, LLC

Crutchfield Capital, LLC

CWC HealthTech Advisors

Cypress Growth Capital LLC

Cyrano Group, Inc., Investment Arm

D2K Equity Partners, LLC

DAC Management LLC

Dalewood Associates Inc.

Darby Overseas Investments, Ltd.

Dayson Capital

DC Capital Partners, LLC

DC Energy

Decision Tree Resources, Inc.

Deer Creek Group, L.L.C.

Deer Creek Holdings

Deerpath Capital Management, LP

Delany Capital Management Corp.

Delos Capital, LP

DelTex Capital

Denargo Capital LLC

Denham Capital Management LP

Dev Equity, L.L.C.

Development Capital Partners, LLC

Diamond Equity Partners

Digital Fuel Capital, LLC

District Line Partners LLC

Diversis Capital, LLC

DN Partners LLC, Investment Arm

Dominus Capital, LP

Drum Capital Management LLC

Eagle Merchant Partners

East Peak Capital, LLC

East Wind Advisors, Investment Arm

Edgewood Holdings, LLC

Edible Assets LLC

Edison Innovation Fund

EFM Capital Partners, Investment Arm

eFund Capital Management, LLC

eFund LLC

EG Capital Group, LLC

EIF Management, LLC

EIG Global Energy Partners

EIV Capital, LLC

Elk Capital Partners, LLC

Elm Park Capital Management

Elm Street Capital Partners

Elmcore Group, Inc.

Elston Capital Partners, LLC

Eminent Capital Partners, LLC

Empeiria Capital Partners, LLC

Encina Capital Partners, LLC

Energy Capital Partners

Enervest Ltd., Investment Arm

England Capital Partners, LLC

Enhanced Equity Fund, L.P.

Enlightenment Capital

Enverra Partners LLC

Eos Management, L.P.

Epic Partners

Equator Capital Group

Equicorp Partners, LLC

Equis Capital Partners

Equity Group Investments

Estancia Capital Management LLC

Evolve Capital

EXALTARE Capital Partners, LLC

Exium Partners

EXMARQ Capital Partners, Inc.

Expedition Capital Partners LLC

Fairfax Africa Fund, LLC

Falcon Affiliates, LLC

Falfurrias Capital Partners

Farol Asset Management, LP

FE Clean Energy Group Inc.

Federal City Capital Partners LLC

Fellowship Capital Partners, LLC

Fenway Partners LLC

Fenwick Brands

Fidelis Capital Partners, LLC

Fieldstone Partners, Investment Arm

Fillmore Capital Partners, LLC

Finrock Growth Partners, LLC

First Atlantic Capital, Ltd.

First Reserve Corporation

First Reserve Momentum LLP

FirstCity Crestone LLC

FirstFire Capital Management LLC

FIS Group, Inc., Private Equity Arm

Fitzroy Health, LLC

Five Mile Capital Partners

Flagler Holdings, Inc

Flexpoint Ford, LLC

Florian Partners, LLC, Investment Arm

Flow Equity LLC

Focus Capital USA, LLC, Investment Arm

Ford Financial Fund, L.P.

Formation Capital, LLC

Formation Group

Fortitude Capital, LLC

Fortunato Hutchinson, LLC, Investment Arm

Forum Capital Seafood

Founders Court Investors, Inc.

Foundry Capital LLC

Four Corners Capital Partners

Fox Paine & Company, LLC

Fox Three Partners, LLC

Foxbridge Partners, LLC

Franklin Pacific Finance, Investment Arm

Freeman Spogli & Co. Incorporated

Freestone Partners, LLC

Friend Group, LLC

Frontenac Company

Frontier Capital Partners

FTL Capital Partners LLC

Fulcrum Management, Inc.

Fulham & Co., Inc.

Fundamental Management Corporation

G Investments Group LLC

Gardner Standard LLC

GarMark Advisors L.L.C.

Garrison Investment Group, LP

Gart Capital Partners

Gauge Capital, LLC

GC Capital

Gelardin Capital LLC

Geminus Capital Partners, LLC

Gen Cap America, Inc.


Genero Capital Partners LLC

Genstar Capital, LLC

Geolo Capital

GESD Capital Partners

GGG Investments, LLC.

Gilbert Global Equity Partners

Glenville Capital Management, LLC

Global Energy Capital LLC

Global Forest Partners, LP

Global Wine Partners (U.S.) LLC, Investment Arm

GMO Renewable Resources, LLC

GO Capital LLC

Goense & Company, LLC

Gold Ridge Asset Management LLC

GoldenSet Capital Partners, LLC

Goode Partners LLC

Gorge Holdings, LLC

GPB Capital Holdings, LLC

Graham Capital Group, LLC

Graham Partners

Granahan McCourt Capital, LLC

Granite Bay Partners, LLC

Granite Equity Partners

Granite Hall Partners, Inc.

Granite Hill Equity, LLC

Graycourt Capital

Graylight Partners, LLC

Green Vault Partners, LLC

GreenBlock Capital, LLC

Greenhall Capital Partners, LP

GreenHawk Corporation, Inc.

Greenoaks Capital Partners LLC

Greenridge Investment Partners

GreenWood Resources, Inc., Investment Arm

Greyrock Capital Group

Gridiron Capital, LLC

Group Guru LLC

GrowthPath Capital, LLC

Grumman Hill LLC

Guardian Capital Partners

Guidon Partners GP, LLC

Gulf Capital Partners

Gulf Coast Funds Management LLC

Gulf Search Capital

GulfStar Merchant Banking, Ltd.

Gum Branch Capital, LLC

GV Investments, LLC

GVD Industries LLC

Hale Holdings Group, LLC

Hall Capital Partners

Hancock Park Associates

Harbor City Capital Management

Harbour Group

Harbour Point Capital

Harkness Capital Partners LLC

Harper Street Partners, LLC

Harris Preston & Partners, LLC

Hawk Capital partners LP

HCAP Partners

Headhaul Capital Partners LLC

HealthCap Partners, LLC

HealthpointCapital, LLC

Heartland Equity Management, LLC

HEICO Acquisitions Inc.

Helios Capital

Hellman & Friedman LLC

Hermes Growth Partners

Hermitage Equity Partners

Heron Capital Equity Partners



High Bar Capital

High Road Capital Partners

Highland Growth Capital

Holding Capital Group, Inc.

Horizon Holdings, LLC

Hornet Capital, LLC

Housatonic Partners

Howard Industries, Inc.

Hudson Fairfax Group LP

Hughes & Company

Hunter Equity Capital, LLC

Hunters Gate Holdings, LLC

HX Decker Capital Management LLC

I Squared Capital Advisors, LLC

Ignition Capital

IMin Partners

Impact Partners, Investment Arm

Imperial Private Equity, Inc.

Impetus Capital, LLC, Investment Arm

IndUS Growth Partners

Industrial Growth Partners

Industry Capital Advisors, LLC

Inoca Capital Partners, LLC

Integrated Ag LP

Integrita Capital

Inter-Americas, Inc.

Interprise Partners, LLC

Intracorp Capital, L.L.C.

Invenshure LLC

Inverness Graham Investments

Invest West Capital, LLC

Investment 360 L.L.C

Invision Capital

Ironridge Global Partners, LLC

ISIS Capital Management, LLC

ITC Holding Company, LLC

Ivy Equities, L.L.C.

J. Burke Capital Partners

J.C. Flowers & Co. LLC

J.F. Lehman & Company

J.M. Galef & Company Incorporated

J.W. Childs Associates, L.P.

J2 Partners

Jacobson Partners

Jacsten Holdings, LLC

Jefferson Capital Partners

JH Partners LLC

JLL Partners

JMH Capital

Jordan Industries International, LLC

Jordan-Blanchard Capital, LLC

JSJ Investments Inc.

Juggernaut Management, LLC

JUMP Investors

Juno Investments LLC

Jupiter Holdings, L.L.C.

JWI Capital, LLC


Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P.

KBJ Capital

KBZ Partners LLC

KEC Holdings, LLC

Kelly Capital Investments, L.L.C.

Kenex Holdings LLC

Key Bridge Partners, LLC

Kian Capital Partners, LLC

Kinderhook Industries

Kingswood Capital Management, LLC

Kodiak Building Partners

Kohlberg & Company, LLC

Kolstad Enterprises, LLC

KP Capital Partners

KR Abraham & Co.

KSL Advisors, LLC

KT Capital

Kuramo Capital Management, LLC

L Squared Capital Partners

Laguna Canyon Capital LLC

Lagunita Capital LLC

Lake Rudd Capital Partners

Lakeshore Capital Partners, LLC

Lancet Capital

Laud Collier & Company, LLC

Laurel Grove Capital, LLC

Laurel Hill Capital Partners, LLC

Lazarus Capital Partners

Lazear Capital Partners, Ltd., Investment Arm

Lead Capital Partners

Lead Lap Enterprises, LLC

Leading Ridge Capital Partners

LeBaronBrown Industries LLC

Leeds Equity Partners, LLC

Leonidas Capital Partners, LLC

LFM Capital

Liberty Place Capital

Libra6 Management, Corp

Lightyear Capital LLC

Lila Capital Partners, LLC

Lime Rock Resources

Linsalata Capital Partners

Linx Partners, LLC

Lion Chemical Partners

Little Mountain Industries Inc.

Littlejohn & Co. LLC

Live Oak Resource Partners, LLC

LLM Capital Partners, LLC

Lockhart Capital, LLC

Lodging Capital Partners, LLC

Loeb Holding Corporation

Lone Star Funds

Long Trail Holdings

Longboard Capital Advisors

Longroad Asset Management LLC

Lorraine Capital LLC

Luminate Capital Partners

M2O, Incorporated

M2P Capital, LLC

MacLean Investment Partners, LLC

Macoma Capital Group, LLC

Madison Bay Capital Partners

Madison Equity Associates, LLC

Magna Capital, LLC

Magnate Capital Partners, LLC

Main Line Equity Partners, LLC

Main Market Partners, LLC

Main Post Partners

Management Capital, LLC

Mangrove Equity Partners, LP

Mann Capital Company

Manning Street Capital Management, LLC

Maquila Capital Group

Maranon Capital, L.P.

Marker Hill Capital, LLC

Market Square Capital LLC

Market Street Finance, LLC

Marlin Equity Partners, LLC

Maryland Cyber Investment Partners, Investment Arm

Mastiff Capital

MatlinPatterson Global Advisers LLC

Matri Holdings, Inc.

Matthew Pritzker Company LLC

Max Capital, L.L.C.

Maxim Partners LLC

May River Capital, LLC

MC Credit Partners LP

McCall Springer LLC

McKinney Capital LLC

McNally Capital, LLC

MDB Capital, Investment Arm

MdBio, Inc., Investment Arm

Meadow Ridge Capital

Med Opportunity Partners, LLC

Media Investment Group LLC

Memphis Angels

Mentor Capital, Inc. (OTCPK:MNTR)

Meridional Equity LLC

Meriturn Partners, LLC

Meritus Kirchner Capital

Meruelo Capital Partners

Metalmark Capital LLC

Metropolitan Equity Partners LLC


Mid Oaks Investments LLC

Midwest Housing Equity Group Inc.

Midwest Mezzanine Funds

Milestone Investments, Inc.

Mill Road Capital

Mills & Partners, Inc.

Miradero Capital Partners, Inc.


MMC Health Services, Inc.

MMI Capital Partners, Investment Arm

Momentum Capital Partners

Monhegan Partners, LLC

Monomoy Capital Partners

Montage Partners, Inc.

Montana Board of Investments

Montis Capital, LLC

Morehead Capital

Morgan Noble Healthcare Partners

Motivity Capital Partners, LLC

MPG Equity Partners LLC

MPK Equity Partners

MSouth Equity Partners

Mt. Weather Capital

MTN Capital Partners LLC

Mugello Group

Music City Partners, LLC

Nancy Creek Capital

Napier Park Financial Partners

Nautilus Renewables LLC

NCA Partners, Inc

NCK Capital L.L.C.

New Bridge Global Investments

New Harbor Capital Management LLC

New Kent Capital LLC

New MainStream Capital

New Mountain Capital, LLC

New Value Capital

Newlin Capital Partners LLC

NK Capital Partners, LLC

NLM Capital Partners, L.P.

Noble Capital Partners, LLC

Nogales Investors Management, LLC

North Branch Capital, LLC

North Brookside Capital

North Peak Capital LLC

Northcreek Mezzanine

Northstar Capital, LLC

Northwestern Mutual Capital LLC

Noson Lawen Partners

Noyack Medical Partners

NRD Capital Management, LLC

NRDC Equity Partners

Oakcrest Capital Partners, LLC

Obsidian Finance Group, LLC

Odyssey Investment Partners, LLC

Ohana Capital

Ohio TechAngels

Old Willow Partners, L.L.C.

OldSlip Group

Olympic Valley Capital LLC

Olympus Capital Holdings Asia

Olympus Capital Investment, LLC

Omninet Capital, LLC

One Thousand and One Voices, LLC

Onward Capital LLC

OpenGate Capital, LLC

OPIC Investment Funds

Orchard Holdings Group, LLC

Orion Resource Partners

Oxbow Industries, LLC

P.A.G. Capital Partners, LLC

Pacific Generation Partners LLC

Pacific Onset Capital, LLC

Pamlico Capital

Pan-African Investment Company, LLC

Panda Power Funds

PanMar Capital LLC

Panthera Leasing Inc.

Panton Capital Holdings

Parthenon Capital Partners

Partners Private Equity LLC

Pathway Capital Management, LLC

Patoka Capital

Patriot Capital Funding, Inc.

Peachtree Equity Partners

Peak View Partners, LLC

PeakSpan Capital, LLC

Pearl Energy Investments

Pearl Street Capital Group

Pecks Management Partners Ltd.

Pegasus Capital Advisors, L.P.

Peloton Equity, LLC

Penion Group LLC

Penn River Capital

PennantPark Investment Advisers, LLC

Periscope Equity LLC

Petro Capital Asset Management, LLC

PetroCap, Inc.

PetroGrowth Merchant Funding

Phoenix Financial Holdings Inc.

Pilgrim Capital Partners, LLC

Pine Street Growth Partners

Pinecreek Capital

Pivot Technology Solutions, Inc. (TSXV:PTG)

Platinum Equity, LLC

Plus2 Capital, LLC

Point Lookout Capital Partners

Poplar Capital Partners LLC

Portfolio Advisors, LLC

Post Capital Partners LLC

Potomac Equity Partners

Powell Growth Capital, LLC

Power Capital Partners LLC

PPM America Capital Partners, LLC

Prairie Capital, L.P.

Prempeh Capital Partners

PRICOA Capital Group Limited

Prodos Capital Management LLC

Progress Equity Partners, Ltd.

Protostar Partners LLC

Providence Equity Partners LLC

Prudential Capital Group, L.P.

Pt Capital, LLC

Pylon Capital LLC

Quadrangle Capital Partners

Quadrangle Group LLC

Quadrillion Partners

Qualia Capital LLC

Quantum Equity Partners, LLC

Quantum Resources Management, LLC

Quatrefoil Capital LLC

Questor Management Company

Quinpario Partners LLC

RA Capital Management, LLC

Racebrook Capital Advisors, LLC

Ranch Capital, LLC

Range Light LLC

Raven Capital Management LLC

Raymond Martin Company

RCG Partners

REAL Infrastructure Capital Partners LLC

Red Acre Capital, LLC

Red Arts Capital

Red Clay Capital Holdings LLC

Red Oak Growth Partners

Red Pine Capital Partners LLC

Redwood Capital Investments, LLC

Redwood Holdings, LLC.

Redwood Management Partners LLC

Redwood Pacific Group LLC

Reef Equity Investments, LP

Regent Capital Management

Relativity Capital, LLC

Renard Capital, LLC

Renewable Energy Trust Capital, Inc.

Reppert Capital Partners, LLC

Resilience Capital Partners LLC

Resource Land Holdings, LLC

Revelation Partners, LLC

Revelstoke Capital Partners LLC

Revere Merchant Capital, LLC

RFE Investment Partners

RHV Capital, LLC

Riata Capital Group, LLC

Riata Corporate Group, LLC

Ridgemont Equity Partners

Ridgeview Capital, LLC

Ridgewood Companies

Rift Valley Equity Partners LLC

Rigel Associates, LLC

Riomar Capital, LLC

River North Equity, Inc.

Riverwood Capital

RLB Holdings

RNK Capital LLC

Rock Island Capital LLC

RockBridge Capital, LLC

RockWood Equity Partners LLC

Rosbottom Capital

Rosemark Smart Capital

Rosemont Investment Partners, LLC

Rotunda Capital Partners, LLC

RSA Capital, LLC

RSF Partners, Inc.

Rumson Consulting Group L.L.C.

RY Capital Group, LLC

Saddlebridge Partners, LLC

Sagamore Capital

Sage Atlantic

Sage Road Capital

Sageview Capital LP

Salveo Capital

Sandbridge Capital, LLC

Sandler Capital Management, Private Equity

Saratoga Partners

Sasco Investment Group LLC

Saugatuck Capital Company

Saybrook Capital LLC

SB Capital Partners

SCF Partners

SCG Partners, LLC

Science Futures, Inc.

Scout Partners LLC

Scrimshaw Capital Management LLC

Scronce & Associates, LLC

Seaside 88 Advisors, LLC

SeaView Capital

Select Film Fund Management, LLC

Selway Capital

Seneca Creek Partners LLC

Seneca Holdings LLC

Sentinel Peak Capital, LLC

Serent Capital

Shadow Tree Capital Management LLC

Shah Capital Partners, LP

Shamrock Capital Advisors, LLC

Shaner Capital L.P.

Shepard Capital Partners, LLC

Sherborne & Company Incorporated

Sheridan Production Company, LLC

Shore Points Capital

SHR Capital Partners LLC

Sidereal Capital Group, LLC

Siguler Guff & Company, LP

Silver Canyon Group, LLC

Silver Sail Capital, LLC

Silverhawk Capital Partners, LLC

Silverleaf Capital Group

SilverStream Capital, LLC

Siskey Industries LLC

SJ Partners, LLC

Skyline Global Partners LLC

Skyview Capital LLC

Small Business Community Capital

Socius Capital

Solaia Capital Advisors LLC

Solamere Capital LLC

Sophia Partners, LLC

Sound Harbor Partners

Southfield Mezzanine Capital

Southridge LLC

Sowell & Company

Spanos Barber Jesse & Co.

SPB Partners

Spec Limit Capital, LLC

Spell Capital Partners LLC

Spire Capital Partners, LLC

Spring Street Partners, LP

Springbok Energy Partners, LLC

Squadron Capital, LLC

SR Capital Advisors, LLC

St. Clair Companies LLC

St. Cloud Capital, LLC

Stabilis Capital

Stadion Capital

Stanmore Fund, LP

Stanwich Partners LLC

Staple Street Capital LLC

Star Avenue Capital, LLC

Star Mountain Capital, LLC

SteelRiver Infrastructure Partners LP

Stella Point Capital, LLC

Stellex Capital Management LP

Sterling Grace Corporation

Stewart Capital Management, LLC

Stockton Road Capital, LLC

Stolberg Equity Partners, LLC

Stone Arch Capital, LLC

Stone Ridge Partners

Stonelake Capital Partners

Stony Point Group

Strata Energy Investments

Strategic Investments & Holdings, Inc.

Stratford Capital Partners

Stratford-Cambridge Group

Strattam Capital, LLC

Strength Capital

Summit Equity Group, LLC

Summit Line Capital, LLC

Summit Park

Sun Capital Partners, Inc.

Sunset Holdings International, Ltd.

Sunstone Partners

Sunstorm Management, Inc.

Superior Capital Partners L.L.C.

Superior Private Equity, LLC

Supply Chain Equity Partners

Sutton Equity, LLC

SV Investment Partners

Swander Pace Capital

SYM Financial Corp.

Symmetry Investment Advisors, Inc.

T3 Omni, LLC

Table Rock Capital LLC

Talisman Capital Partners

Talon Group LLC

Tamarix Capital Corp.

Tamroc Partners

Teacher Retirement System of Texas, Private Equity Arm

TEAM Partners, LLC

TeamCo Advisers LLC

Tenex Capital Management

Tennenbaum Capital Partners, LLC

Tenth Avenue Holdings, LLC

Teton Industries

TGV Partners

The Artemis Group

The Beekman Group, LLC

The Broe Group, Investment Arm

The Brookside Group

The Catalyst Group, Inc.

The Compass Group

The Crest Group, LLC

The Cypress Companies, Inc.

The Decatur Group

The Florida Value Fund LLLP

The Forestland Group LLC

The Gallowae Group LLC

The GIC Group, Investment Arm

The Harding Group

The Inception Micro Angel Fund

The Isaac Organization

The Levco Group, LTD.

The Longevity Fund

The Louisiana Buyout Fund

The Mifsud Group

The Palmer Group

The Randolph Group, Inc.

The Stage Fund

The Ulupono Initiative, LLC

Thermo Capital Partners LLC

TICC Capital Corp. (NasdaqGS:TICC)

Tiger Infrastructure Partners LP

Timberfence Capital Partners, LLC

Titan Equity Partners, LLC

Top Tier Holdings, LLC

Torch Lake Capital Partners, L.P.

Torque Capital Group LLC

Tower Arch Capital

Tower Three Partners LLC

Towson Capital

TPH Partners, LLC

Trailbreak Partners, LLC

Transom Capital Group, LLC

Trent Capital Partners

Trestle Capital Partners, LLC

TRG Investors, LLC

TRIAD Capital Management, LLC

Triguard Management, LLC

Trilogy Capital Group, LLC

Trimaran Capital Partners

Trinity Capital Advisors, Inc.

Triple Creek Capital

TriPointe Capital Partners

TRN Capital, LLC

True North Equity, LLC

TSF Capital, LLC, Investment Arm

TSL Advisers, LLC

Tuatara Capital, L.P.

Tucker Partners

Tuckerman Capital

Tulcan, L.P.

Tulsa Capital Partners

Turquino Equity LLC

TWF Management Company, LLC

Twin Bridge Capital Partners

Tyree & D’Angelo Partners

Union Park Capital

Union Partners, LLC

United States Growth Funds

Unlimited Horizons, Inc.

Valent Capital Partners, LLC

Valor Equity Partners L.P.

ValorBridge Partners, LLC

ValStone Partners, LLC

Vance Street Capital LLC

Vector Capital

Verax Capital Partners, L.P.

Vert Capital Corporation

Verus International

Vestar Capital Partners, Inc.

Victor Capital Partners LLC

Vineyard Capital Group, LLC

Vintage Capital Management, LLC

Vintage Fund Management, LLC

Virgo Investment Group, L.P.

Viridian Investment Partners, L.P.

Viseon Energy, L.L.C.

Vision Equity LLC, Investment Arm

Vista Capital Investments, LLC

Vital Farmland

Vitesse Capital Partners, LLC


Volant Energy Partners

Vortus Investment Advisors, LLC

Vspeed Capital, LLC

VT Capital, LLC

Vulcan Capital Management, Inc.

W.J. Bradley Company Merchant Partners, LLC

Walnut Hill Media, LLC

Warren Equity Partners, LLC

Warson Capital Partners, LLC, Investment Arm

Water Street Healthcare Partners

Watermark Capital Partners, LLC

Waterside Capital Partners, LLC

Waveland Investments LLC

Wayzata Investment Partners LLC

Weatherly Financial Group, LLC

Weinberg Capital Group

Wellbridge Capital Management, LLC

Wells Fargo Principal Investments, LLC

Wellspring Capital Management LLC

WellStone Capital, LLC

Wembly Enterprises LLC

West End Holdings

Westbourne Capital Partners

Western Principal Partners LLC

WestView Capital Partners

Westward Capital Management LLC

Westward Partners, LLC

Westwind Investors, LP

White Oak Partners, LLC

White Peak Capital, Inc., Investment Arm

White Road Investments

White Winston Select Asset Funds

Wholesome Holdings Group, LLC

Wilkes Lane Capital, LLC

Willcrest Partners

Williams Capital Corp., Investment Arm

Willis Stein & Partners, L.L.C.

Willow Capital, LLC

WILsquare Capital LLC

Wind River Holdings, L.P.

Windsong Brands LLC

Wing Capital Group

Wings Capital Partners

Wingspan Capital Partners LLC

WL Ross & Co. LLC

WoodLake Group, LLC, Investment Arm

Woodside Capital Management, LLC

Wright Equity Partners, LLC

Xiling Group, LLC

Yankee Hill Capital Management, LLC

Yellow Wood Partners, LLC

Yenni Capital, Inc.

York Management Services, Inc.

York Street Capital Partners, LLC

Yorkshire Equity LLC

Yukon Partners Management, LLC

Zaff LLC

ZS Fund L.P.