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Blum Capital Partners is a private equity firm focusing on strategic block and control investments in small and mid-capitalization companies. The firm has worked with management teams and boards of directors to increase shareholder value over the long-term, typically holding private equity investments for 5 years. Blum Capital Partners seeks to invest in companies with defensible franchises, the potential for long-term growth and attractive returns on invested capital.

Year Founded: 1975

Assets Under Management: $4,500,000,000

Latest Deal: First Light Asset Management Cut Lhc Group (LHCG) Position By $2.29 Million; Avid Technology (AVID) Sentiment Is 1

Founders / Partners: Richard Blum, Murray McCabe, Peter Westley

Office Address: 909 Montgomery St San Francisco, CA 94133

Phone Number: 415-434-1111