Dress to Impress

September 12, 2014

As headlines are flooded with the latest billion-dollar acquisition, the middle market has also unfolded with promising industry reports. Baby Boomers are transitioning out of the work force and millennials are in the business of building and selling companies like it’s a commodity. While we try to maintain realistic outlooks, some may say the current […]

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Know Your Competition

September 9, 2014

Let us help. Prospecting. Give us criteria for your target market. Each campaign will be tailored speci?c to your industry — geography, revenue parameters, etc. Communication. We consistently engage your audience, deliberately tailoring campaigns to your targets. Analytics. We use tools to help you unveil the fog of modern day technology. Our analytics measure your prospects’ interest level. Lever […]

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For Experts By Experts

July 24, 2014

Does price have a direct correlation with quality? Some might be quick to answer  “yes” because “you get what you pay for.” But, isn’t it possible to pay a high price and end up with a poor product or end result? Of course! So, when your company is looking for a service, the most important […]

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Show Your Expertise With Industry Reports

July 17, 2014

Every Tuesday, we upload a new industry report highlighting trends and transactions from the latest quarter and compare them year over year. These reports are free and available to the public. Middle-market financial activity can be difficult to come by, but our extensive data tools give us access to valuable material pertaining to the M&A […]

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Q2 2014: Record Breaking M&A Activity Since 2007

July 2, 2014

The M&A market closed this second quarter with a record total deal volume and value since the 2007 financial crisis. This promising market has been on the up rise and has finally passed the threshold everyone has been waiting for. Q2 2014 saw major deals well in the billion-dollar range. With these large deals, middle-market […]

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Case Study on Brand Management

June 11, 2014

We’ve shown you the cost-benefit of Brand Management and how you can leverage CapTarget’s services. Now we’d like to share a Case Study on one of our clients. The story is simple, a 4 head, Southern California M&A firm runs into an industry wide problem, the lack of in-bound deal flow. They use CapTarget’s Brand […]

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