Deal Origination Client Success: 5 Month “Check-in”

April 25, 2018

Five months into our partnership, San Diego-based Visual Communications Company, LLC (VCC) now enjoys a robust pipeline of potential acquisitions.

Utilizing CAPTARGET’s proprietary deal origination service, VCC is set to close a deal this year at a fraction of the cost of other sources.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the success of our origination campaign for VCC:

As a private-equity backed supplier of LED components with a focus on several industries, VCC came to CAPTARGET late in 2017 with a desire to increase their deal origination efforts using an outsourced partner.

Our partnership allows VCC to tap into our proprietary database and tools to build targets, and generate new deal flow.

“We’ve been extremely happy with the deal opportunities generated by CAPTARGET,” commented Andy Zanelli, President and CEO of VCC. “I am confident we will close an acquisition this calendar year.”

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