M&A Intermediary Directory Video

October 22, 2014

Introducing CapTarget’s M&A Intermediary Directory from CapTarget on Vimeo.

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There are plenty of deal flow aggregation tools available online. The growing consensus amongst dealmakers is that such platforms are presenting a lesser quantity of quality deals, and further, are limited to having full exposure to deal opportunities simply due to these platforms opt-in model. This means if sellers do not choose to share data with you on that specific platform you will not see the deal.

Our strategy is simple. By casting a net over the entire universe of middle market M&A intermediaries via email, you can instantly access the totality of buy-side opportunities. Our M&A Intermediary Directory includes nearly all active mid-market M&A professionals working deals that are typically a close fit for smaller lower/middle market focused private equity groups looking to enhance their acquisition search process.

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